DQC Dev Summit – för dig som älskar kod! Postat den 9 februari, 2018 Nyhet

Den 15 mars 2018 lanserar vi  DQC Dev Summit – eventet för dig som älskar kod och den senaste tekniken inom SharePoint, O365 och Azure!

Vi kommer att bjuda på grymma talare, gött käk, kall dryck, socialt mingel och givetvis kommer våra populära beer pong-bord att stå uppställda.

Vid premiären av Dev Summit gästas vi av följande talare:

ERWIN VAN HUNEN – Product Manager at Rencore and MCM, MVP.
”Provisioning SPFx Solutions to SharePoint Online using PnP, ALM APIs and more!”
You will get an overview on how to provision your shiny new SPFx solutions with PnP. We will dive into the options you have with the PnP Provisioning Engine, the new ALM APIs and we also touch SPFx asset packaging. And yes, there will be code.
TOMI TAVELA – Product Architect at Valo.
”Connect Your O365 SharePoint to Your Mobile App Using WebHooks, Azure Functions & Azure Notifications Hub.”
This session will take Your SharePoint development to a next level by introducing how you can get your SharePoint data to a mobile app and how you can receive push notifications from the events triggered in SharePoint.
ELIO STRUYF – Senior Developer & Architect at Valo and MVP.
”Automate your tasks via Azure Functions.”
In this session, you will get an overview of what Azure Functions can do for you. With some demos, we go step by step through the creation, debugging and deployment process of these functions.
DAVID OPDENDRIES – Office 365 Architect & Trainer (MCT)
Secure your Azure http functions using Azure Active Directory
It is super easy to create http functions in Azure and use it as an important part of your application. It is very common your function will be supplying information from SharePoint or even perhaps other parts of your organization. How easy can an outside person access that information? Is security via obscurity good enough? Join this session and you find out how to secure your Azure Functions using Azure Active Directory and then how to call your function securely from a SPFx webpart.

Vill du bli en vassare utvecklare eller tyngre arkitekt genom att få denna kompetensutveckling helt kostnadsfritt? Gör din anmälan här nedan nu, platserna är begränsade.

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